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Editor’s column was wrong

Mayor Bob Moscatelli

I believe in correcting the record when a newspaper prints something inaccurate about me, my wife or the town of Frisco.

I refer you to your editorial in the June 26 edition of the Summit Daily News. In two places in that editorial, you stated that my wife brought to the attention of the town the fact that representatives of the Save the Peninsula petition drive were soliciting signatures on post office property. That was not the case. My wife did not inform the town. She did inform the postmaster. It was the postmaster who brought the situation to the attention of the town.

My wife was under the impression that petitioning on post office property was not allowed. She had not been allowed to get signatures at the post office when she needed them to run for town council. She was not allowed to get signatures at the post office when she was circulating a petition for CARTS, and she was on town council when Harry Trubounis was not allowed to work a petition at the post office for his strip club. When she was approached at the post office by a representative of the Save the Peninsula organization, she simply went to the postmaster and asked him whether there had been a change of policy. That was the extent of her involvement in this situation.

You also stated in an editorial cheap shot that you wondered “if the mayor’s wife would have been as stringent on informing the postmaster and town if the group was soliciting for money to help starving children in Africa.” I don’t know whether the postal service allows soliciting for money on its property, but I can assure you that if it is not allowed and that were known to my wife, she would inform the postmaster. If you knew my wife, you wouldn’t have to wonder.

I suspect there are some who believe that my wife’s action at the post office was motivated by a desire on her part to facilitate the failure of the petition drive. Not so. She knows the petition is legal and that its sponsors have every right to gather signatures as long as they play by the rules.

I have stated that I do not believe the petition is necessary or useful. I still hold that belief. However, if the petition is successful and the golf course issue is put on the November ballot, so be it. I don’t have any apprehension about the petition’s success or the potential outcome of the ballot issue one way or the other. Neither does my wife. We are witnessing democracy in action. We, like you, want front-row seats.

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