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Editor’s Picks: Summit County’s best bets for the weekend

This face only looks sweet and innocent. But it is much better looking than the World's Ugliest Dog.
Heather Jarvis / hjarvis@summitdaily.com |

It’s a hard weekend to be a little black dog. It’s a hard weekend for most dogs, but mine has a multitude of issues. Disregarding his physical struggles (my coworker just compared him to the hairless snaggletooth that won World’s Ugliest Dog yesterday), his anxiety is accentuated by the noise of fireworks, daily summer afternoon thunderstorms, power tools, being alone and knowing he is about to be alone.

As with some dogs, he tries to break out of the house if he’s alone during a thunderstorm, or hide in the bathtub. Dog sitters are under strict restrictions to never leave windows open if they leave the house, because screens are only a minor inconvenience.

He also can’t be trusted solo in a backyard, even with a fence. In college, I left him in my mom’s backyard a few times while I went to class. After his first escape, we scoured the yard looking for holes under the fence, holes in the fence, anywhere he could get out. Nothing. Then my little brother caught that 22-pound dog scaling the 6-foot wooden privacy fence like Donald Trump’s worst nightmare.

Marley can escape from anywhere. Once I got home and he was out of his kennel hanging out in the kitchen, with the kennel door still locked. Once I had a woman who picked him up in the neighborhood toss him back into our house, only to have him re-emerge from behind the house less than two minutes later. I could tie him in a straightjacket and submerge him in a Chinese water torture cell and the animal shelter would be calling me 10 minutes later to tell me someone had picked him up roaming the street.

At one point my partner threatened to kick me out because of Marley’s destructive behaviors, and while I couldn’t get Victoria Stilwell involved, I did go to my vet. I tried everything — a ThunderShirt, pheromone collars, pheromone plug-ins, wrapping blankets around his kennel, playing with him and giving him treats while raging thunderstorm noises on my stereo. Natural remedies, medications, hiring a Shaman — I contemplated quitting my job to be a stay-at-home dog mom.

We continue to work on his issues and lately have had a lot of success, at least over the winter. It might be the fact that he’s getting old and losing his hearing, but we’ll see. Someone might need to prescribe me some anxiety meds for the upcoming season.

Street Arts Festival

Hosted by Breckenridge Creative Arts for the second year, the Street Arts Festival will bring street, pavement and graffiti artists to town. Outdoor murals and installations will be accompanied by demonstrations from graffiti artists and hip-hop dance classes. And to top it off, kids and teens can get involved by participating in the chalk art contest on Monday, which offers cash prizes for first through third place in age group. Go to breckcreate.org for more information.

Dirty Dozen Brass Band

Get a New Orleans fix this holiday with a free show by the Dirty Dozen Brass Band at 2 p.m. at the Riverwalk Center. An ensemble that’s been together since the ’70s, the brass band incorporates funk into traditional New Orleans jazz. Check out the Music Scene for more options.

July Art Festival

The 33rd Annual Breckenridge July Art Festival at Main Street Station will bring in more than 100 artists from around the country. Artists will present ceramics, mixed media, fiber, jewelry, painting, wood, glass, sculpture and more. The Mountain Arts Festivals consistently rank among the top art shows in the country. Go to mountainartfestival.com for more information.

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