Eenie weenie bikinis at Copper Mountain |

Eenie weenie bikinis at Copper Mountain

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Summit Daily/Kristin Skvorc

The sidelines and the base of Rosi’s Run were crowded Saturday for the Eenie Weenie Bikini Contest.

The men competed first. A camel duo, mullet man, land shark and mountain man all made their turns down the hill. The land shark, Todd Marriott, won with his stealthy snowboard turns and creative costume.

The women went last and the crowd was obviously pleased. Snow angels, bunnies, a beach babe and a Mardi Gras lass glided down in style. Honora Bowen stole the judges votes and won first place for her edible snow-bunny attire.

Bowen said she picked the thickest lettuce she could find, and that the purple kale had a nice color. She said she could eat her costume later to get her serving of greens.

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