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Eldora Mountain Resort celebrates 50th birthday

Laura Snider
Boulder Daily Camera
Special to the Daily/Eldora Ski Resort
DC | Daily Camera

When six-time Hungarian national ski champion Gabor Cseh immigrated to the United States in 1956, he chose to live in Colorado for the opportunities the mountainous state offered in the still-young ski resort industry.

At the time, Interstate 70 did not yet connect the population in Denver to the Western Slope ski areas, but Denver had been recently joined to Boulder via the new turnpike. So Cseh set out to scour the mountains above Boulder, searching for the perfect place to build a new ski area that would have both great terrain and easy access to Denver.

“He found the place above Eldora (townsite) and he just thought this would be the perfect place,” said Gabor Cseh’s son, Andras Cseh. “There was snow, and it was relatively accessible.”

Cseh’s vision became a reality in the winter of 1962-63, when Lake Eldora opened for its first day of skiing with two T-bar lifts. This winter – after a handful of ownership turnovers and economic struggles in the ski area’s early decades – the resort is celebrating its 50th birthday.

And while visions for what the resort should be have come and gone through the years, Eldora Mountain Resort today remains true to at least part of Cseh’s vision – a place that caters to local skiers.

“We realize exactly what we are,” said Jim Spenst, Eldora’s current general manager. “And that’s a great Front Range ski area that’s easily accessible to the Boulder metropolitan area.”

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