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Elect a different president and America’s standing in the world will improve

Sibylle HechtelSilverthorne

After Thursday’s debate, I feel compelled to write about my experiences in Europe this May and June. Referring to foreign leaders, President Bush says, “I know how these people think. I sit down with world leaders frequently, and talk to them on the phone frequently.” Bush may think he knows how foreign leaders think, but I doubt he has a clue about what foreign citizens think. When we were in Spain, we met a British couple, Chris and Mike. Chris told me that, although she used to visit the United States on vacations, she will not come here again so long as Bush remains president. They used to visit Colorado, Utah and other states during the summer. Now, they go to Greece and Spain instead. “Why should I spend my money in the U.S. when I totally disapprove of their policies?” she said. “I’ll come again when you have a new president.”My cousins in Germany share this attitude. Though they were here in 1988, they no longer will visit us in the United States. Summit County relies on visitors for much of its income. I’ve taught part time at Keystone for nine years. I used to teach several German families, who no longer come here. For a while, we could blame it on the economy and the low value of the Euro. However, the Euro steadily increased in worth and hardly presents a deterrent to would-be foreign skiers. America’s standing in the world will improve tremendously once we elect a different president, and as an added bonus, we might see foreign tourism and European skier visits to Summit County increase as well. Replacing Bush with Kerry can only help our economy.

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