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Dillon candidate Q&A: Do you support the direction the town is headed on short-term rental regulations?

Generally, I oppose governmental intrusion on how real property is alienated or leased. When canvasing for signatures to appear on the ballot, those individuals surveyed who lived in condominiums were more likely to oppose short-term rentals than those in single-family homes. Many of these condominiums are governed by the Colorado Common Interest Ownership Act or its precursor, the Condominium Ownership Act, which provides mechanisms through which owners can agree to limit short-term rentals.

The town should have a right to license short-term rentals, but I believe it is up to the homeowners to modify existing declarations, bylaws and covenants, conditions and restrictions, or to create their own declarations, bylaws and covenants, conditions and restrictions as the means to regulate short-term rentals.

— Mark Cribbet

I would like to see an excise tax on short-term rentals, like the one the town of Frisco has on the ballot. A basic 5% to 6% excise tax could generate around $2 million in additional revenue each year to fund things like the implementation of the master plan for the town of Dillon core, the completion of the renovation of the town park, Dillon waterfront/marina upgrades, affordable housing projects and other worthy projects, which would benefit the residents of Dillon.

— Dana Christiansen

Yes, I do. I suggested that we do not cap short-term rentals. We had discussions at recent work sessions and asked for input from the residents. I do believe in private property rights and believe that a property owner should be able to do what they want — so long as it doesn’t disturb the neighbors or other community members. Consequences and follow-up from the town should be put in place with issues regarding noise, parking and trash. We put restrictions in place to accommodate residents who are not renting their home.

I believe every town is different and at different stages. We need to implement what is best for Dillon. Short-term rental regulations came about initially in hopes of creating workforce housing. A few solutions would be incentivizing homeowners to long-term rent and finding land to build workforce housing units, which Dillon is working currently on with Summit County Road 51.

— Renee Imamura

I do support the rights of individual property owners, but I also support the direction the town is headed concerning short-term rental regulations, as long as the town does not overreach in establishing some rules. I do not support limiting the number of allowed short-term rentals. This infringes on the property owner’s right to rent. Establishing certain limitations such as the number of guests allowed to stay at a property at one time will help with issues such as parking and noise disturbances. Enforcement of regulations will also be key, rather than having rules that are simply put on paper and violated regularly with no penalty.

— Tony Scalise

I think the current council handled our short-term rental policies quite responsibility and without making knee-jerk decisions. Over several months, we held discussions with the public on short-term rental fees, parking, occupancy rates, caps, etc., and based on community feedback, we did not cap short-term rentals and instead focused on ideas like incentivizing property owners to convert to long-term workforce housing. I do not feel we should penalize short-term rental property owners to solve the housing problem in Summit County, and incentives for long-term rentals is only one part of a bigger solution. We still need to work on multiple approaches to this issue and need to seek more creative and innovative solutions.

— Jen Barchers

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