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Dillon candidate Q&A: How would you work to implement Town Park improvements that have been delayed?

An idea I have is implementing a plan for a detailed list of all capital improvements, including the Town Park, to have an outline of the time frame such as: What is being done, causes for delays and time frame of completion. I would like to improve communications to the public on the progress. I will comment that because of the pandemic, some of the reasons for the delay were labor shortage, getting bids and supply chain complications.

— Renee Imamura

Town Park infrastructure improvements were in progress last summer, hence the fence around the park now. After the snow melts, utilities will be installed so that we can light the pathways, increase accessibility and have electricity for events. There were delays of supplies and workers during COVID, but we just secured an electrical contractor, and council approved a bigger budget for more work to be continued this summer. We are all wanting faster improvements, and we have budgeted the money; we are just at the mercy of a smaller contractor pool and tight supply chain post-COVID.

— Jen Barchers

Concerning the Town Park, I believe there are a lot of factors that have affected its progress, including issues caused by the pandemic and the economies of living in this county: worker shortages due to the high cost of living, for one, and supply chain disruptions for materials needed. The town must work diligently to get all its needs for completion lined up, regardless of these disruptions. This means being sure to issue a request for proposals and make timely decisions. Perhaps even offering incentives to companies willing to commit to the work. Somehow, council must get the park up and running. They owe it to their constituents.

— Tony Scalise

Apparently the budget set aside for Town Park improvements was significantly less than the actual costs to complete the work. A disciplined bidding process should have been followed with a minimum of three contractors providing fixed bids for the work, instead of asking one contractor for his ballpark estimate. This resulted in insufficient funds available to implement the Town Park improvements and the current delays. An excise tax on short-term rentals could provide the funding to complete the Town Park improvements in a relatively short period of time.

Dana Christiansen

Town Park has been a priority for Town Council for some time. Unfortunately, like most things, COVID halted progress, and with inflation and worker shortages, contractors are charging more for work that could have been completed within budget before the pandemic or are just unable to tackle such a large undertaking. The budget could be revised in connection with the funds raised from the paid overnight parking to attract additional contractors to bid or meet the costs of a general contractor. It is unclear if that will be enough to cover the increase in cost resulting from ever-changing economic conditions, but it’s a start.

— Mark Cribbet

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