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Dillon candidate Q&A: What do you think about plans to introduce paid overnight parking?

As far as the town’s plan to implement paid overnight parking, I think it is a step in the right direction as to solving the imminent parking issues looming over our town as a whole. Since Dillon currently allows overnight parking in town-owned lots, this encourages people who can’t afford to buy or rent a place locally to live in their vehicles.

As seen in the past year, without public restroom facilities, those living in their vehicles will find a place to relieve themselves, and often it is somewhere in violation of health standards. Allowing overnight parking without creating public restrooms only encourages this unhealthy activity, although it could also discourage people due to the cost. Strong enforcement of any free or paid overnight parking will be key to any success either program will have. As long as the town controls the program and has proper enforcement, it could help with any overnight parking issues we may currently endure.

— Tony Scalise

Admittedly, I have not looked at the study data that has been rendered in relation to the overnight parking inquiry. I understand that there are individuals who do not have parking at their residences who rely on the town lots to park a vehicle. Some of the numbers thrown around for the cost of a long-term permit sound exorbitant to me. I believe the mayor at one point indicated that it could be as much as $10,000. Our community is already experiencing a workforce housing crisis, and if homeowners and landlords renting to long-term town or Summit County workers are forced to absorb that kind of cost, our workforce housing crisis will be exacerbated.

Nonetheless, the paid overnight parking initiative is moving forward. I think town of Dillon registered voters should be provided with a free long-term permit for one primary-use vehicle if they are able to prove that they do not have the ability to park that vehicle at their residence.

— Mark Cribbet

Dillon is the only town that has free overnight parking in town-owned lots. Therefore, we have people storing their trailers/cars from outside the town. We are working to find a solution, and paid overnight parking may be a good idea.

Population is increasing and there is going to be a parking issue. Having paid overnight parking can be discerning to some locals, but honestly, we could put in a system like other towns and control the amount that is charged as well as stop it during certain parts of the year. Residents who live here full time should not have to pay for parking. There are other solutions the town should explore, such as parking passes at a reasonable cost.

— Renee Imamura

Town Council discussions have been ongoing since last August on the introduction of paid overnight parking in the town of Dillon parking lots. Some of the proposals would require Dillon residents to purchase $300 per year parking permits in addition to implementing Breckenridge-style parking kiosks along Dillon’s streets. I’m not sure that’s what most Dillon residents want to see.

The overnight parking issue is also linked directly to the lack of affordable housing in the county, as much of the overnight parking is workers sleeping in their cars, vans and campers due to the lack of affordable housing in the community. These issues are interconnected, and I would propose comprehensive, holistic solutions that address these challenges together in an integrated way. I would also make it a priority to find out how Dillon residents stand on the paid parking issue before we get too far downstream in agreements with the Breckenridge parking kiosk company.

Dana Christiansen

Editor’s note: Jen Barchers did not provide a response to this question.

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