Frisco candidate Q&A: Would you annex the Lake Hill workforce housing development into the town? |

Frisco candidate Q&A: Would you annex the Lake Hill workforce housing development into the town?

I do believe that the Lake Hill development should be annexed into the town. I feel that the workforce of Frisco should have input regarding changes and improvements in Frisco. The decisions that are made that impact the lives of many of our workers should be decided by all of Frisco, and if our workforce doesn’t have the ability to vote, then they have no say in what happens in Frisco.

— Lisa Holenko

I would vote “no” to annex the Lake Hill housing project into Frisco. I think this is an issue that could be brought directly to the people at the ballot box. The collective consciousness of the community as a whole will make the best decision. Numerous parts of Frisco that are considered unincorporated Summit County already exist. Annexing the Lake Hill project while these existing areas remain unincorporated doesn’t make sense.

— James Hayes Walsh

Yes, any effort we can make to increase the volume and speed of the workforce housing development process is welcome.

— John Hammett

I think it would make sense to annex Lake Hill, Frisco Heights, Bill’s Ranch and Wiborg Park into the town of Frisco. These people should be able to vote in town. I have raised the issue before. It is now my understanding that annexation is unachievable due to the costs involved on all sides.

Adding and extending infrastructure is too costly. The Public Works Department does not have the ability in its budget, manpower or machinery to support. The county wouldn’t agree to maintaining these areas if they weren’t unincorporated Summit County. The cost to residents to connect to town services is unattainable. There is just not enough support to pursue this avenue.

— Andy Held

I honestly cannot say definitively how I feel about annexing Lake Hill into the town of Frisco because there is a lot to know and learn from our local professionals who are creating this housing opportunity for our community.

I’d need to learn more about what that would mean to the town of Frisco, but I can say that it would be smart to annex because it would be a way to gain more registered voters in the town of Frisco who can contribute to the future of our town and add some new perspectives to our town mindset.

— Elizabeth Skrzypczak-Adrian

I do not believe annexation is necessarily a path right now, but providing water to the development so that the county can develop Lake Hill is something that I support. I would continue the work of previous councils to make sure the development aligns with our vision and standards, to the extent possible.

— Joe “Buck” Phillips

No for several reasons:

  • The only reason to annex is for tax revenue. The last thing we need to do is increase the cost of workforce housing by collecting more taxes. We all pay too much in taxes already.
  • Lake Hill is an important development that deserves Frisco’s support; however, I believe it is best for it to remain with the county. Summit County has access to more resources for longer-term investments spanning a decade or more.
  • While Lake Hill is adjacent to Frisco, the same could be said for Bill’s Ranch and other parts of unincorporated Summit County. We need to honor the established boundaries.

— David Rolling

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