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Elephant Wrecking Ball plays Breckenridge & Frisco

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The Brooklyn-based trio of bass, drums and trombone, Elephant Wrecking Ball, returns to Summit County for back-to-back shows at three20south in Breckenridge tonight and Jonny G’s in Frisco Friday. Here, bass guitarist Dan Africano gives a window into the band’s world:

We call it science. It’s a heavy funk rock foundation with jazz melodies all mixed up with interactive improvisation and heavy dub effects. The interesting thing is that there’s no chordal instrument in the band, which allows a lot of room for sonic experimentation.

The music sounds quite like the band name. The elephant is Scott – the trombone player – and I make up the wrecking-ball part with Fro! the drummer. Our musical connection is an uncanny one, where we somehow draw inspiration from the same cosmic source, which results in a destructive force, much like a wrecking ball.

I’d say the fact that this music is unlike anything they’ve ever heard before. A trombone going through a bunch of guitar effects pedals is pretty unorthodox and absolutely intriguing. Also, our fans who have seen our shows before know that every performance is different. Each night features different improvisations (which) as a result lead the songs into new territory every night. The nature of the band encourages us to experiment and take cues from each other. It’s like a three-man game of follow the leader, but with three leaders.

We just released a live record last month. We multi-tracked three of our shows last February and picked the best 11 songs. Our good friend Jocko the audio ninja put his magic touch on ’em and gave us a super slammin’ record that we’ve got on tour with us.

Anything unrelated to elephants is irrelephant. Also, elephants never forget.

You can expect to hear things you’ve never heard before and experience cerebral stimulation of a new kind.

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