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Elizabeth Wallace: An opportunity for cleaner cars

Elizabeth Wallace
Environment Colorado

We can use American ingenuity to break our addiction to oil, and the disaster in the Gulf of Mexico is only the latest reminder that we cannot wait a minute longer to rise to this challenge. In the coming months, President Obama has a unique opportunity to help achieve this goal by setting strong new fuel efficiency and pollution standards for cars and trucks.

Getting Americans from point A to point B consumes over half of the oil used in the U.S., so using our technological know-how to make more efficient cars and trucks – and vehicles that don’t need any oil at all – is the easiest way to cut our dependence on oil and help decrease the risk of another Gulf disaster.

President Obama should seize this opportunity by calling for cars and light trucks to get 60 miles to the gallon by 2025, along with significant efficiency improvements for delivery trucks and tractor trailers. Doing so would cut oil use significantly, while saving Colorado residents money at the gas pump. Let’s all encourage the president to do the right thing.

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