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Emergency response left a lasting impression

Caren Humpherys, Breckenridge

Last Wednesday night I had the frightening experience of a child who was having difficulty breathing. I was on the road and had to place a call to 911. What happened next was a true testament to what lucky people we are to live in this community. I can not give enough thanks and praise to the firefighters and EMTs who went well above and beyond any expectation I had. They were so genuinely friendly with a frightened little boy and treated him with such care I was taken aback. The firefighters, those cute young men, then proceeded to take my other child and place her safely into the ambulance so that I could stay with my son. They even drove my vehicle to the St. Anthony Summit Medical Center so I did not have to leave it on the side of the road. Both my children were given teddy bears donated by the Summit County Seniors. Once at the medical center, I was treated so wonderfully by Jody Thompson, an emergency room nurse, who was working the first day the new medical center opened.Last Wednesday night could have been a very rough night, but instead I was shown what a caring, big-hearted community I am fortunate to live in. Hopefully, most will never need to call 911, but please know that if you do, you will be in the best hands here in Summit County. I did not get most of the names of those who helped but I wanted to send a huge public thank you to all of those incredible people who, on one freezing evening, left a lasting impression and one I will always be grateful for!

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