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Enter the world within yourself at Summit County Chakradance workshop

Krista Driscoll

If you go

What: Chakradance, rhythm for the soul

Where: Summit School of Dance, 400 Granite St., Frisco

When: 6-8 p.m. Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday and 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Sunday

Cost: $200 for the three-day workshop. Preregistration is required; register online at http://www.thespiritofdance.net

More information: Contact Wendy Bradshaw at (719) 839-1038 or email info@thespiritofdance.net. View the full workshop schedule at http://www.chakradance.com

Wendy Bradshaw, director of The Spirit of Dance, Yoga, Movement and Meditation and accredited Chakradance facilitator, will lead a three-day Chakradance workshop this weekend in Frisco.

The workshop is divided into 60 minutes per chakra. It begins with an introductory overview and goes on to explore each major chakra before concluding with an integration class. Bradshaw said studying the chakras is a pretty deep subject and that part of the class will be spent educating participants about the chakras and their function.

“The chakras are the energetic gateways which connect to various layers of our aura,” she said. “So every human being has seven major chakras. They are located in a vertical column running from the base of our spine to the top of our head.”

Each chakra is linked to a specific area in our body, Bradshaw said.

“They are relating to our safety, power, love, communication, intuition and our self-realization, so when our chakras are running smoothly, we feel more balanced,” she said. “Our chakras can affect our health, our emotions, our thoughts and even our behaviors in a positive manner.”

Chakra comes from an ancient Sanskrit word that literally translates into wheel, Bradshaw said, so though Chakradance is a modern-day practice, its roots lie in ancient wisdom that is thousands of years old.

“At the very heart of most Eastern philosophies lies an understanding of the mystical channels of energy that flow throughout our bodies,” she said. “We have the opportunity to enter into seven different inner worlds within ourselves.”

Not another yoga class

Chakradance is different from other meditation-based practices such as yoga.

“Chakradance blends a unique musical vibration with each chakra,” Bradshaw said. “We start at the base of he spine and we dance up our spine through each chakra, up to the crown chakra, as our body, mind and spirit align. Each student will focus attention on a particular chakra throughout this workshop, and through dance and musical vibration, we will release blockages that we may be holding onto.”

These blockages may be emotional, spiritual or physical energies that need to be released.

“Dancing the seven charkas is like dancing through seven different worlds, each with its own lessons, each with its own meanings and each with its own stories,” Bradshaw said.

Chakradance is new in the United States, and Bradshaw is one of only two licensed facilitators in the country. She said there are only about 35 facilitators in the world, mostly from Australia, where the practice originated.

“There’s currently approximately 20 people in the States going through the training right now — from New York, Arkansas, Utah — there’s also some possible future facilitators in Canada and Mexico,” she said. “There’s this wave of energy that’s coming this way. Chakradance is a complete practice; it’s a complete program that keeps you healthy from the inside out.”

‘Anybody can do it’

Bradshaw said practitioners could apply the principles taught in the workshop any time they need to realign themselves through their chakras, and this healing dance practice is open to all ages and levels.

“Anybody can do it,” she said. “We’ve had students 17 to seniors dancing. I’m just guiding you through a journey through your chakra system; any man, any woman is welcome.

“I want to invite people to come explore, have fun, find meaning and learn to let go and not hold on to any blockages in their energy system. Just come in and take a different look into each chakra. It’s taking a deeper look into each part of ourselves.”

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