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Environmental Justice …?


I have been following the “State of the Rockies” conference in Colorado Springs with much skepticism. But Sunday’s (April 23) headline on the front page of the Summit Daily News, and the subsequent article raised my eyebrows well past my hairline. I was immediately flashed back to the early 1970s when this same kind of “environmental” rhetoric coupled with the fear of overpopulation here in America created the huge furor. This college- born, neo-Marxist movement led to the first Earth Day, a convenient commemoration of the 100th anniversary of the birth of Vladimir Lenin on April 22, 1970 … the movement ultimately cost billions, and culminated in the empowerment of the now mostly ineffective and enormously bloated EPA. To quote from the SDN article: “We found a striking pattern of what we call environmental goods and bads,” said student-researcher Angela Banfill, releasing the results of an “environmental justice” score card at a conference in Colorado Springs. Environmental justice is based on the idea that people of every race, ethnicity, and income group deserve equal rights to clean air, water and land.”To my ear, this all sounds like a huge redistribution scheme! More money! More taxes! This hints at the complete failure of the EPA, a failure of Earth Day, and a failure of the environmental movement as it stands. The EPA and its satellite spin off agencies, suck millions from the pockets of tax-paying Americans every year. What this woman is really saying, in my opinion, is the 70s socialism isn’t enough we need to give away more.If these pontificating, environmental pulpit-eers in Colorado Springs really wanted to do something to help the environment of the urban poor, then perhaps they should be touting the virtue of putting up a barrier at our southern border. Our littered, polluted and much trampled southern border. All 2,000 miles of it. It’s not trampled by Americans … it’s trampled by illegal entrants into our country. These are the people who are pouring into our urban areas, these are the people who are polluting the cities, these are the people who come to this country, have a bunch of kids, live off the welfare system such as it is and change the voting demographic so that people like Ms. Banfill have a voting bloc to pander to. Their numbers have exceeded 20 million in the last 10 years! Where do they go, where else but low-income housing, or the ghettos. What else can their illegal status, and poverty afford them, even with public assistance, and in the end, who will pick up the tab?If we don’t get command of this situation soon, America will be a Third World country, in terms of a broadening scurge of polluted urban ghetto sprawl, not to mention the economic sink hole that we tax payers neither want, nor can we afford! We can no longer pay the price on our economy, or our environment, of the deadly karma accrued by inept and corrupt Latin American governments.

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