Eric Collier: Sarah Palin’s fierce beliefs |

Eric Collier: Sarah Palin’s fierce beliefs

Eric Collier

Americans are swooning for Sarah Palin for much the same reason they (or at least that 30 percent, or whatever this week’s tally is) doggedly continues to believe in George Bush) ” basically because she is extravagantly pious. It seems to be felt that anyone who has daily personal interfaces with God can do no wrong.

Friends, Sarah Palin is just a vapid, perky, telegenic little right-wing check-list (anti-abortion ” check; pro-gun ” check; Jesus Christ is my Lord and Savior ” check, etc.) She believes that the Iraq War is a “task from God.” (No one who believes a war ” any war ” is “a task from God” is fit to hold public office.) She believes the Pledge of Allegiance ” “including “Under God” ” was authored by the Founding Fathers. (The Pledge was originally authored by a socialist clergyman in 1892; “under God” was added during the Red Scare of the 1950s).

In other words, she is politically correct ” and yes, there is a cult of political correctness of the right as well as of the left. Sarah clearly has no ideas ” only fierce beliefs and issue positions.

How can Americans keep falling for ” even insisting on ” the delusional fatuities of these uber-Christian nutcases? Do we really want this little ingenue to be a heartbeat away from the world’s most critical post?

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