eRin Pheil: SmugMug is dedicated to your personal photos |

eRin Pheil: SmugMug is dedicated to your personal photos

eRin Pheil

The people behind SmugMug are 100 percent dedicated to nothing other than your personal, priceless photos; they built SmugMug to act as a place where people like you and me can easily and securely store all our digital photos.

SmugMug’s standard account costs $39.95 a year and offers unlimited storage for all your digital photography, meaning you never have to worry about running out of room. Your photos are backed up four times across three states, so you also don’t need to worry about accidentally losing or deleting your photos. You receive “white glove support” with real people responding to your e-mail questions. And with their homepage stating “Your photos look better here,” it’s no surprise that SmugMug offers its members plenty of gorgeous, ad-free photo gallery themes in which they can display their shots.

SmugMug standard accounts also come packed with easy photo organization tools, photo-e-mail tools, crop tools that let you chop out the bad parts, comment notifications, friends and family networking tools, and the capability to personalize with professionally designed themes.

Learn more at

Are you a regular poster on forums? Do you leave comments on the blogs that you read? Organize and keep track of all your online conversations with the fabulous set of tools offered by CoComment.

In sum, CoComment displays all the conversations you’re tracking in one convenient, organized location; it works just like an e-mail inbox. When you’re tracking your conversations, CoComment alerts you when someone’s added a comment.

CoComment offers three main services. The first automatically collects comments and efficiently shares conversations.

The second allows you to efficiently browse conversations and discover new sites and people. The third lets you create a group to share conversations with others.

Learn more here: ” A free program that downloads websites from the internet to your computer and allows you to browse them offline. Great for business meetings where internet access isn’t reliable or easily available. ” A new, mobile, interactive way of getting things done. Remember to make important phone calls, schedule important bill payments, and plan tasks for your work projects. Coordinate tasks and collaborate with friends, family and colleagues ” or just make sure you stay organized and on-task. ” Quite a sweet resource for browsing for-rent, for-sale, room, and sublet listing in major cities across the country. ” Access just about any government service you can think of from this page, from bankruptcy forms to car safety comparison reports to National Park information to Prison locators to White House virtual web tours. ” Super well-done icons and icon packs for your Mac dock.

And that’s it for today, everyone. Have a great week, and see ya next Monday.

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