Erin Van Gundy: Housing really is a big problem in Frisco |

Erin Van Gundy: Housing really is a big problem in Frisco

In response to Cathy Johnson’s letter, “Can’t afford to live here? Move elsewhere.” I was absolutely appalled to read such callous comments about the very individuals who make this county and town run. I grew up in Frisco two blocks from the Peak One parcel. I attended Frisco Elementary and graduated from Summit High. I am currently living in Denver attending CU School of Dental Medicine and will graduate in just over a year. I would love the opportunity to move back to Frisco to serve my community as a dentist once I graduate. However, between paying off student loans, starting a practice and cost of living, there is no way I could ever afford to live in Frisco out of school.

Johnson stated that schools (which she referred to as companies) need to pay their employees more; she is missing a critical point. They can’t. School’s budgets are based on taxes and they are finite unless we vote to increase them. Schools are not multinational companies and they cannot simply cut back on their profits and pay their employees more. It doesn’t work that way.

Frisco is a wonderful town and community to be part of. Don’t we want to embrace that community and ensure that everyone who makes our town work has the opportunity to live and thrive in that community? I urge Frisco residents who are against the Peak One development to put aside their arrogance and think of the bigger picture of economic sustainability for the future of the community. So, no Cathy, I won’t move home once I graduate because I won’t be able to afford it. Keep a dentist out of town, no big deal; but keep teachers, police, fire fighters and other city workers out … I think that’s a big problem.

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