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Eventually, every president resorts to lying

Robert Cooper’s letter of July 2 begs answers to three of his main points – the “liberal press,” “lying liberals” and his opinion of the political makeup of the United States.

First, the fact he enjoys the right wing press is understandable. But if he thinks it operates without error, he is mistaken.

Independent groups tracking media outlets give bad marks for omissions, misstatements and exaggerations to the conservative press as much as the mainstream and liberal outlets. Fox News coverage of the recent conflict was filled with such missteps.

Next – lying liberals. Well, Robert, I have a flash for you. All politicians lie. Lyndon Johnson lied to us about Tonkin Gulf and Vietnam. Richard Nixon lied about Cambodia and Watergate. Reagan lied about Iran/Contra. And Bill Clinton lied about Monica. And if looks as if George W. Bush is about to join this list with his statements about the weapons of mass destruction. So no one group has a monopoly on prevarication.

Lastly, his statement that the U.S. is a conservative nation. S “always was, always will be,” is simply not supported by fact.

The 20th century had 25 presidential terms. Thirteen of these terms were occupied by Republican presidents for a total of 52 years.

Twelve terms were given to Democratic presidents for a total of 48 years. You simply cannot get closer than that and that speaks for a moderate electorate.

The most recent presidential election – that was one of the closer elections in history. Bush lost the popular vote and only won the election with the help of his brother in Florida and the Supreme Court.

I will grant Cooper that we seem to be in a conservative swing at the moment, but conservatives always overplay their hands with their radical social agenda and, invariably, the pendulum will start to swing back to the center.

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