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Extend cell phone battery life


Spring has sprung and nature is recharging itself, but what about your cell phone battery?Before we can get into the details of how to make your battery last longer, it is important to know what type of battery you are using. As it’s explained at http://www.cellularaccessory.com/batmain.html, there are three common types and a new technology (Li-Poly). Lithium ion (Li-Ion) is an advanced technology for cell phone batteries. Li-Ion does not suffer from memory effect (more later) and will deliver up to 40 percent more battery capacity than the same size of NiMH battery. Li-Ion batteries are slightly lighter than NiMH batteries and also have a longer battery cycle lifetime. Nickel metal hydride (NiMH) batteries are a relatively newer technology and also do not suffer from memory effect. Compared to a NiCad battery of equal size, a NiMH battery will run for 30-40 percent longer on each charge. Also, NiMH batteries can be 50 percent recharged in just 15 minutes, and up to 90 percent in an hour using a car charger. NiMH batteries can have up to twice the life span of NiCads. Nickel cadmium (NiCad) batteries are an older technology and suffer from “memory effect.”They must be completely discharged before recharging or damage can occur. NiCad batteries are slowly being phased out. Lithiumpolymer (Li-Poly) is the newest and most advanced technology for cellular phone batteries. It is ultralight and has all the same advantages of Lithium ion without the weight.There are several things you can do to maintain the life of your battery. When you first receive your cell phone, turn the phone OFF, then charge it fully for 24 hours.In fact, this form of charging is recommended for the first two to three cycles. Also, be sure to fully discharge then recharge every month or so. It is also helpful to unplug your phone from your battery charger when you’re not using your cell phone, and if you’re not using it for an extended period of time, store the battery in a cool, dry place.Finally, important for us in Summit County, bring your battery to room temperature before plugging it into the charger.To maximize the time your battery will last when in use, follow the steps offered by techrepublic.com. — Consider the number of features in use – more features use more battery;– Don’t forget that roaming requires more use than local use;– Turn off your phone if you don’t need it;– When you are using it, remember that usage habits will dictate how much time you get from each charge; and– Clean dirty battery contacts with alcohol to maintain a good connection. A battery is a consumable item; over time it will lose capacity. Maintaining it properly may prolong the life, but will not prevent death.If you replace your battery do not throw the old one in the trash, batteries contain harmful components. Call 1-800-8-BATTERY for information on recycling. We want nature to keep recharging too.E-mail clickandhack@friscocomputerstore.com.

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