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‘Fahrenheit 9/11:’ a slice of the truth

Robert AikenKeystone

Let us all run for our dictionaries and find a word to describe this conflict in the Middle East: crusade, imperialism, revenge, liberation.No, no, none of these words seem quite right. Perhaps, let’s ask a political science professor or analyst for the word we’re looking for.Understandably, these political “experts” can’t seem to agree on our word either. Depending upon a person’s political persuasion, and the degree to which they harbor feelings of paranoid aggression, the war in Iraq could be any number of things. As a control to this little experiment, let’s ask a film professor or critic for words to describe Michael Moore’s film “Fahrenheit 9/11.”They most surely would provide several words, based within their study of film, to bluntly summarize this work of cinema: shocking, biased, documentary. Yes, documentary is the genre of film in which Mr. Moore’s movie is classified. Anyone familiar with Moore’s work would not be surprised to find that this movie is saturated with his liberal agendas, but you can be assured that the part of George W. Bush in this film is played by none other than our beloved, funny-faced president.The American public is so used to being lied to, that it comes of no surprise to me that a few people are going to get a little defensive when handed a pointy piece of the truth-pie.Robert AikenKeystone

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