Fanning: Mormonism and the media scrutiny |

Fanning: Mormonism and the media scrutiny

John Fanning

The Obama media, NBC, CBS, ABC, MSNBC, and CNN, to mention a few, are having a field day analyzing and scrutinizing, ad nausea, the Mormon religion. Why do I refer to them as the Obama media? A respected pollster, Rasmussen, found that 52 percent of the public believes the media is helping Obama while only 9 percent believe they are helping Romney. Seventy-four percent of likely voters believe news personnel try to help their favorite candidate. Likely voters, by a margin of five to one, believe America’s media is in Obama’s pocket. Only 24 percent believe they are unbiased. This is nothing new to those of us who are not in the pocket of Obama, and heaven forbid the mainstream media.

Recently, “World News with Diane Sawyer” aired a two-part report, “Inside the Mormon Church.” Kate Snow interviewed a gay person; a feminist, and an interracial couple on their experiences within the church, and NBC found a cast member from the Broadway show, “The Book of Mormon.”

CNN Anderson Cooper quizzed Pastor Robert Jeffreis, “Mitt Romney-Mormonism a Cult?” Wolf Blitzer did a feature on Mormonism and had a “loaded’ panel for discussion. MSNBC’s Rachael Maddow and Ed Schultz can’t get enough of the Mormon religion. One might think they are considering a conversion. Many liberal newspapers have had articles and analysis all over their pages. I am sure many of you have heard or seen stories on Mormonism.

Perhaps someone can refresh my memory as I don’t remember any in depth analysis, panel discussions and documentaries on the Black Liberation Theology This, if you will remember, is the Theology from the pulpit of the church Obama attended for 20 years. The one with Pastor Jerimiah Wright, the one who married Obama and baptized his children. The one who made many controversial statements captured on tape. The church from which Obama distanced himself from and tossed Reverend Wright “under the bus” for political expediency. He does many things for political expediency, doesn’t he? Perhaps his roots in the Islamic world should be explored as well. Just a thought!

The lapdog media justifies all the attention given to the Mormon religion as a way we all can get to know the man, his values, his morals and ethics. Apparently, they did not feel all this was necessary with their man. Perhaps some scrutiny and some vetting could have saved us from the past disastrous four years. This incestuous relationship between Obama and the media is dangerous. Their job is to scrutinize aggressively any and all political figures, not be cheerleaders for the chosen one.

Seriously, are we living in a country where a persons religious beliefs, or lack of a religious connection, present a criteria for measuring his or her ethics, morals, and ability to make sound judgments? I hope not, however, by what is going on in the media today, it appears measurements are being applied. And, it appears to be working!

Paul Brisbane, departing Ombudsmen for the New York Times, writes in an article posted August 27, “its staff has a hive-like worldview that bleeds through its coverage tilting its stories in favor of progressive (liberal) causes. A hive-like atmosphere of political and cultural progressivism (liberalism) that is powerfully shaped by like minds.”

Hopefully, the American people who are not lapdogs of Obama and the media, will send Mr. Obama packing, and while at it, send his complicit media with him.

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