Felber: Bus driver vacation not a Summit Stage luxury | SummitDaily.com

Felber: Bus driver vacation not a Summit Stage luxury

Mark Felber

Re: “Summit County: At a critical Stage,” by Caddie Nath, Jan. 30

This is the second time that the Summit Daily News has pointed to “vacations for drivers” as a source of the Summit Stage’s financial difficulties. I’d like to point out that Summit Stage drivers accrue vacation time in the same manner as every other Summit County employee. I would also like to point out that the Summit County government encourages all county employees to use all their vacation time as this will make them more productive employees. The only difference is that it is actually harder for Summit Stage drivers to use the vacation time they’ve earned than it is for other county employees. This is because the Summit Stage has historically allowed a smaller percentage of its staff to be on vacation at any time than other county departments.

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