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Fences still don’t make good neighbors

Francine SavarickBreckenridge

Wow! What a firestorm of activity was created by my Feb. 10 letter (Wall on 4 o’clock run is dangerous). My neighbors are quite outraged that this new fence even exists. E-mails and phone calls flew back and forth between members of the community. The themes expressed were “How can one be permitted to erect a barrier to block wildlife,” or “block a neighbor’s access to the slopes.” The actual fence’s nature was described as “ugly, tacky and inappropriate for Breckenridge.” Of paramount importance on everyone’s mind is the danger which this new barrier creates. I first though that padding the few hundred feet of this fence on the ski run would be a solution. After a bit more reflection, even this action doesn’t seem adequate. When a skier hits a cemented in post, even one that is padded, injury will result. The bottom line, is that this dangerous fence, while being right on the ski run, line must be removed. Any action short of this measure would be an abrogation of responsibility of Vail Resorts and the Town of Breckenridge. Please do the right thing before someone get badly injured.

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