Fifth-grade orators inspire judges |

Fifth-grade orators inspire judges

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Visit COUNTY No matter what language people speak, emotions are felt by everyone.That is the way Emily Burke, a fifth grader at Dillon Valley Elementary School, shaped her speech about Even though our languages and customs are different around the world, how are our hearts the same?”Russian, Mexican and American are the cultures in my class. Whether we are saying, I love you or te amo or Ya lublu tebya, we all mean the same thing. … Language never gets in the way with friendships, said Emily in her speech.She won first place for girls in the most recent Optimist Club Oratorical Contest in which fifth graders across Summit School District competed. Among the other finalists for the girls were Rachel Fitch, Maggie Scott, Kaelin Kaczka, Vivian Rennie and Natalia Cuadrado. And for the boys, finalists include Tommy Newkirk, Jason Engel, Garrison Ortega, Trevor Shelden and Brioch Stashick. Logan Wienman took first place.Logan researched the topic a bit and included statistics in his speech such as that 6,700 different languages are spoken around the world. Regardless of what country people are from they all have basic needs, he said.He concluded by saying, our different colors of skin, different religions, or poverty cannot hide the things we have in common. Although we look different we all have needs in our bodies and hope, love and kindness in our hearts.Interpretations of the oratorical contest ranged from personal feelings, family, friend and school situations to cultural beliefs and global issues, according to a press release from Summit School District. In fact, the judges and those who attended the fall event, were impressed by the quality and presentation of all the speeches, the release said.’Each student exhibited the highest level of being a risk-taker and true optimist, officials with the school district said.In spring, students will have another opportunity to showcase their writing and speaking in the Optimist Clubs Spring 2008 National Optimist Oratorical contest.Lory Pounder can be reached at (970) 668-4628, or at

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