Fifty more Web tips worth sharing |

Fifty more Web tips worth sharing

Special to the DailyErin Pheil

As promised, here is Part 2 of my “100 Things” list, celebrating my 100th Summit Daily News article. For those of you who missed the last article, I’m simply providing a list of items I feel are worth sharing. And here we are:51. Ctrl + D is a super quick way to bookmark the webpage you’re viewing. 52. gives you logins and passwords to sites for which you don’t want to register. 53. Eudora is an awesome alternative to Outlook Express. 54. Flickr ( lets you show off and write about your photography. 55., where independent artists sell their items, is one of my favorite places to shop online. 56. Have you tried out Netflix yet? ( 57. makes managing events easier. 58. Want free fonts for your computer? Go to 59. MS, in computer talk, usually just means Microsoft. 60. Ctrl + P tells your computer to print the webpage or document you’re viewing.

61. is the Internet’s free online Encyclopedia that anyone can contribute to. 62. “addy” is internet slang for “website address.” 63. A web browser is the software you use to surf the internet, such as Internet Explorer or Firefox. 64. Get rid of the pesky Office Assistant in MS Word by clicking on him, then clicking on Options, then clearing the “Use Office Assistant” checkbox. 65. If you have your own website, please make sure to use alt text behind all your images. 66. Alt + Tab moves you between all open programs. 67. Find a photo on the web you’d like as your desktop? Right click on it and select “Set as Desktop Background. “68. I very much think is great. 69. Put a minus sign in front of a word when searching in google to take it *out* of your search. 70. Are you into cool home décor? Check out Photos for the web should be saved as .jpgs. 72. A .swf file is just a Flash file. 73. is a fantastic business networking tool. 74. has some impressive ASCII art. 75. Tools>Word Count in MS Word gives you useful info on the document you’re typing. 76. Ctrl + F allows you to search for words on whatever document or webpage you’re viewing. 77. offers many delicious and unique recipes. 78. Approximately 25 percent of computer browsers use 800×600 monitor resolutions. 79. Approximately 90 percent of web users surf with JavaScript enabled. 80. Approximately 24 percent of web users are now using Firefox as their browser.

81. 10GB is read as “10 gigabytes” 82. 20MB is read as “20 megabytes” 83. 30K and 30KB are the exact same thing, 30 kilobytes. 84. Absolutely beautiful and filmed in my hometown of San Francisco: 85. Simple, secure web document sharing: 86. always has great deals! 87. The ultimate good-for-you office and web-surfing chair: 88. can save you money on used books, DVDs, and CDs. 89. Stuff for smart people: 90. Track your website’s statistics with Google Analytics: 91. is an even easier-to-understand website stats program. 92. Learn how to use Photoshop better: 93. While surfing the web, Ctrl + H shows you the websites you’ve recently visited. 94. lets you place electronic sticky notes on your computer monitor!! 95. To learn about the all-new upcoming Operating System from Microsoft, checkout: 96. is all the rage; meet people from your area or anywhere in the world. 97. Good ergonomics: Your keyboard should be slanting down, not up when you type! 98. shows you who has registered various websites. 99. lets you talk to anyone, anywhere for free – watch the intro movie. 100. The FoxyTunes extension for Firefox lets you listen to and control iTunes/other media player while surfing the web.

There you have it, all 100. Hope you found something you liked. Oh, and of course, feel free to drop me a line if you have questions about any of the itrems on the list. eRin pheiL is the owner of timeforcake, based in Frisco. She can be reached at (970) 668-0709 or

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