Fire authorities acquire a house to burn |

Fire authorities acquire a house to burn

BRECKENRIDGE ” Local firefighters will get the chance to sharpen their skills and practice their rescue techniques next week when they burn down a donated house at 232 Morningstar Drive in Breckenridge.

Through the gracious donation of the property by owners Paul and Diane Olsen, firefighters will be participating in training on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. each day.

Exercises will simulate entering a smoke-filled house to rescue trapped and injured firefighters. Firefighters will also practice different ventilation techniques to remove smoke from a building as well as reviewing safe laddering.

“This is a wonderful opportunity to put firefighters in a real-life situation, using simulated smoke and live personnel to replicate a house fire with trapped firefighters,” said Battalion Chief Herb George. “The experience they gather in this controlled setting is invaluable.”

The public is welcome to observe the training, but requested to do so from a safe distance and not to enter the training area while crews are training.

“We appreciate the public’s support and contribution of houses like this,” notes Chief George. “This training will directly help us save lives and property,” he said.

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