Fire the incumbents |

Fire the incumbents

Matt SheltonDillon

Vote them all out. Every incumbent up for re-election should be sent packing, Republican and Democrat. What are these people thinking? This Congress has been negligent on nearly every front; illegal immigration, the War on Terror, health care and energy policy. Now we are subjected to this election-year wedge issue of gay marriage. Aren’t there more important issues at hand? I can understand that this is politics as usual in an election year but this is ridiculous. Last week our “honorable” elected representatives were debating the all-important issue of flag burning. This week it’s the all-important issue of gay marriage. These no-good so-and-sos need to be sent a message. Partisan politics is a slap in the face of all of us at this very crucial juncture. They try to divide us by “red” and “blue”, Republican and Democrat. Apparently those old tricks still work to a degree. That is shameful. Shameful for those Congressional hacks trying to pull the wool over our eyes and shameful on us, the American citizen for letting them. The very real and potentially life-altering problems we are facing are not being addressed people. Vote them out, all of them. I beseech all freedom-loving Americans to take a stand and tell these sycophantic, greedy, self-serving elected officials we are not stupid, uninformed or otherwise distracted. We are on the verge of losing all those things that matter to most of us; liberty, freedom, justice and our very way of life. This current crop of elected officials are selling us down the river, let’s tell them we are sick and tired of their lies, deceit and subservience to big money interests. They are there to serve us, they have failed on so many fronts. They should be fired.

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