First-grader’s poem to be published nationwide |

First-grader’s poem to be published nationwide

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By Madison

When the dry season comes,

They fly in the air,

And when they hit the ground,

They change from green,

They can be purple, orange, yellow or brown,

They get raked into a pile,

For people to jump in,

I went very far,

Do you know.


SILVERTHORNE ” A poem by Silverthorne Elementary first-grader Madison Lytle, 7, will be published nationally this fall in “Young American Poetry Digest.”

“She just has a flow of words that is just incredible,” Pat Hale, Madison’s teacher said.

Hale said poetry comes naturally for the student, who created the work last winter in an exercise allowing students to “write whatever they want.” The students had not yet been introduced to the class’s poetry unit, though others caught on following Madison’s example.

“Because she was writing poems, they were writing poems,” Hale said.

The selected poem, “Leaves,” was one of five submitted from Hale’s class to the National Schools Project’s annual publication; it was the only one accepted. The digest will be distributed no later than Oct. 31 and the school library will receive a free copy, according to the project’s Web site at

“The National Schools Project is a project designed to encourage students throughout the United States to develop an interest in writing and enjoying poetry,” according to the site.

The first project digest was published in 1994. Teachers submit the entries and there is no limit to the number they may submit. Factors affecting selection include creativity, structure, poetic techniques and age-appropriate language, according to the site.

Hale said Madison’s entry was submitted exactly as written, including punctuation. She said the student ” as well as other first graders ” often likes to sing what she writes.

“Singing and poetry go together,” Hale said. “They have that music in their heads.”

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