First tears, now yawns for column by Biff America about his dad and war |

First tears, now yawns for column by Biff America about his dad and war

I finally read Biff America’s column from the April 13 Summit Daily news that has, until now, been almost nominated for a Pulitzer prize by some readers.

Some have said this brought tears to their eyes. It made me yawn.

While it was a decent but not very intellectually stimulating look at the differences between the generations during the Vietnam War and the drafting of U.S. kids to fight in that “police action,” to compare it to either the first Gulf War or this one is both ludicrous and capricious.

The obvious difference is that the GIs today are all volunteers and much better trained and more intelligent than kids were back then using weapons that would astound the average Vietnam-era veteran.

About 57,000 Americans died in Vietnam. Way, way too many. About 300 Americans died in both Gulf wars, and unfortunately, about a third of those were killed by friendly fire.

But to try to equivocate the three is ridiculous. You might say that a war is a war, but the facts are that as our ability to fight wars has been technologically almost perfected, casualties, both ours, and our enemies’, and those stuck in between, have been vastly diminished.

Should we now look for fights? Of course not.

But it serves us that the pictures we saw on TV were also seen by most of the Middle Eastern people (those who can afford TVs) and others around the world. They now know what we can do. They saw it in both Gulf wars, again in Afghanistan, and even in Kosovo.

The “Clinton” generals, most notably Gen. Wesley Clark, a possible Democratic presidential candidate, said that this war plan was flawed.

Flawed? Huh? Ours was the fastest-moving army in history. General George S. Patton Jr. would love this. We moved so fast into Baghdad that our supply units could not keep up. Thank god this idiot was forced to retire.

We took the entire country of Iraq, which had an army of 500,000 in a country about the size of California, in about half the time that it took Clinton’s other “general,” Attorney General Janet Reno, to take the Waco, Texas, Branch Davidian compound of David Koresh and his 100 or so followers, including about 35 children, in 1993. That took 53 days.

Biff, get a clue…

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