Fit Kid: Compliments & encouragement |

Fit Kid: Compliments & encouragement

Scott Liebler

Most actions are preceded by thoughts. Some of the thoughts and actions of children are created by the spoken words of their parents, teachers, siblings and friends. The words and thoughts they hear and think consistently will eventually develop some of their attitudes, habits and belief systems.In my 30 years of working with children, I have seen wonderful actions happen when you fill a child’s mind with positive thoughts of compliments and encouragement. It fuels their desires to keep learning! Confident children have more courage and energy to accept challenges and participate in activities with more enthusiasm and creativity. Personally, I love to be around and surround myself with people who consistently compliment and encourage. That’s one of the reasons I love working with really effective early childhood professionals. The really good ones are truly some of the nicest and most considerate people on the planet. It is they who have provided me with this list of seven phrases that are most effective for building the character, confidence and coordination of children.1. Do your best!2. You are smart!3. That’s a great idea!4. That’s nice of you to say! 5. I like how you keep trying!6. That’s very nice of you to do!7. I would love to help you with that!All children are born with 100 percent potential intelligence and creativity. If you are in a position to help develop the attitude of a child, then I encourage you to encourage them with consistent words and phrases that fuel their potential and keep them moving and improving!Scott Liebler is the founder of Move to Improve and Funsical Fitness for early childhood development. Move to Improve is a program sponsored by Summit Head Start, Early Childhood Options and funded by the Summit Foundation. For more information on this program, call (303) 902-4985 or email

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