Fit Kid: Greet the world |

Fit Kid: Greet the world

Scott Liebler
Special to the Daily

Wouldn’t it be great to have the ability to carry on a conversation in just about any language? While that might be seemingly impossible for most people, the ability to learn a common greeting in most languages can be an attainable goal, especially for children.

In the Funsical early childhood fitness program, we have a simple warm up dance that we do while chanting a variety of simple greetings in a variety of different languages. It’s a great way to expose children to different languages while encouraging them to move every part of their body one by one and in combinations. This type of movement pattern is one of the most effective ways to help children stimulate their entire body and mind, increase circulation of blood and energy and make vital neurological connections between the brain, nervous system and muscles.

All you have to do is wave and repeat the greeting several times to a melody that feels comfortable. As you wave and speak, do your best to keep the melody consistent throughout the entire dance. For example, you can repeat the greeting five times saying it two times slowly then three times in succession: Hello-Hello – Hello-Hello-Hello

1. Wave with one hand and say Hello

2. Wave with the other hand and say Shalom (Hebrew)

3. Wave with both hands and say Hola (Spanish)

4. Wave with the eyes and say Sa Wa Tee (Thailand)

5. Wave with the chin and say Mambo (Congo)

6. Wave with the head and say Guten tag (German)

7. Wave with the shoulders and say Bonjour (French)

8. Wave with the hips and say Aloha (Hawaiian)

9. Wave with shoulders and hips and say Boun Giorno (Italian)

10. Wave with elbows and say Konichi wa (Japanese)

11. Wave with knees and say Ni (Nee) Hao (How) (Chinese)

12. Wave with knees and elbows and say Annyong Haseo (Korean)

13. Wave with one foot and say Ahalon (Arab)

14. Wave with the other foot and say Jambo or Hujambo (Various African)

15. Wave with the whole body and say Namaste (Hindi)

You can start off by using one language at a time. For example use English one week, Spanish the next week, etc. Repeat this exercise for several months and your children will be able to greet people all over the world as they keep moving and improving!

Scott Liebler is the founder of Move to Improve and Funsical Fitness for early childhood development. Move to Improve is a program sponsored by Summit Head Start, Early Childhood Options and funded by the Summit Foundation. For more information on this program, call (303) 902-4985 or email

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