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Flag-burners are terrorists

So, someone or some people have taken it upon themselves to burn the flag on Peak 1. All I can ask is why? If you think you are being an activist by protesting what’s going on in Iraq you are wrong. 

You are a terrorist, no different than those who crashed planes into buildings killing thousands of Americans. You are using hate and anger and violence to try further your cause. That’s called terrorism.

That flag was up there as a memorial to those people who lost their lives on 9/11. It is a symbol of the freedoms that we Americans have and the people who die for those freedoms. Ironically one of those freedoms allows ignorant people like you to burn the flag. In other countries you would be imprisoned or executed.

To use the flag as a symbol of your anger against this current administration is just plain ignorant. The American flag has been with us for more than 200 years and 43 presidents. People have fought and died for that flag. All you can do is burn it in a horrible act of cowardliness.

That’s right, you’re nothing but a coward. Why don’t you let every one know who you are if you believe in your cause so much. That’s what a real activist would do. But you won’t because you’re not. You’re just a coward.

All you have done is spit in the face of all those who hiked up that mountain in the cold and snow to remember those who died on 9/11.

All I can hope for is that you get what’s coming to you, one way or the other. I urge every one to get those flags flying. Let’s show these people that we won’t let another act of terrorism get us down.

And to the flag burners, I urge you to please move to another country. I hear China has great policies toward people who oppose the government.

 Alex Johnson


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