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Flag burning is an insult to people who knew somebody in the tragedy

In some people’s opinions, it was wrong to place a flag atop Peak 1. In some people’s opinions, it was irresponsible greed for Vail to expand into what is now Blue Sky Basin.

To some people, something had to be done about Saddam Hussein. To others, the U.S. government oversteps its authority in taking world matters into its own hands, against the recommendation of the U.N.

It is how you express your opinions, which differentiates between being a hero, an activist, a radical, an extremist, a tyrant and a terrorist – or any of the levels in between.

The terrorists who hijacked the airliners on 9-11 were making a statement, as were the members of the Earth Liberation Front (ELF) who burned the buildings on Vail Mountain.

Of course, those incidents are on completely different levels. Yet on another level, the people who burned the flag on Peak 1 were making a statement.

Are any of these people’s opinions wrong? No. An opinion is just that, an opinion. The way in which they have chosen to express themselves is, in my opinion, terrible. I am not equating the flag burners to the terrorists of 9-11 or even ELF. I am suggesting that they used extremely poor judgment in how to express their opinions.

To the flag burners: In one of the letters that was left, you said that they were not trying to defile the memories of the people who died on 9-11. Well, you did. That flag was placed there solely to honor the victims of that horrible day. It was not there as a symbol of America’s power. You burned a memorial.

Every one of us probably has first- or second-hand knowledge of someone who died on 9-11.

My sister watched the second tower collapse from the roof of her office building. A friend from college was on his way to the towers when the first plane crashed.

A friend of my sister once dated Jeremy Glick, one of the people active in bringing down the plane in Pennsylvania before more innocent people were killed.

Most of the people I know have a story to tell that someone they knew died or nearly died that fateful day. You have insulted all of these people. You have also insulted those who braved early season winter weather to memorialize them.

Some of those people are not typically hikers but chose to make that journey in honor of those who died.

Seth Cohen

Blue River

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