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Flag comment missed the point about schools welcoming and teaching students

In the Sept. 28 letter regarding the display of the Mexican flag in the Newcomer Center at Summit Middle School, the author wrote, “What is the purpose of the Mexican flag in a tax-supported facility in Colorado, USA? The children are in this class to learn English, not to learn about Mexico. Right?”In response, I would like to say that, although I agree that the American flag should be displayed in a more prominent position than any other flag within our borders, this comment was out of place.We are fortunate enough to live in a country where our children are able to learn about other cultures, religions and societies, and where many of our children are from other cultures, religions and societies. They are not in school only to learn English. School is for learning about the country, world and universe we all live in. If we begin excluding education on subjects outside of our borders, we take a step toward becoming like fundamentalist extremists of all cultures who breed hatred through ignorance by educating their children that if something or someone is not like them, they are inferior, or even worse should be killed.The reality is that one of the largest groups of students in our school system is students of Mexican descent. The fact that the middle school would extend a welcoming hand to them makes me proud. We are a country of immigrants located in a global society, and celebrating that, not brushing it under the rug, is what makes us strong.I love this country for the freedoms it affords us, and I am never prouder to be American than when we extend our hand and welcome others to share in the freedoms we hold dear. Nothing exemplifies America more than the celebration and education of strength of diversity.

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