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Flag desecration was disheartening; real terrorists identify themselves

It disheartens me to see the desecration of the 9-11 display atop Peak 1 by some low-life(s) that decided to misuse it for their own political platform.

Obviously vandalism and political babble were more important than remembering those murdered by terrorists two years ago. Those who did so let it be known that their personal agenda was more important to them than honoring those whose lives were lost so needlessly that day.

The perpetrators of this cowardly act of terrorism, in fact, supplanted the U.S. flag with their own. A flag is a symbol. That written manifesto they left behind was, after all, their symbol or “flag.”

Terrorists have their manifestos. What did they leave behind? No “John Hancock” there. They are identifiable by and identify with their cause.

So, someone’s brand of terrorism finally intrudes on Summit County. We now have our own little band of terrorists, a la Earth Liberation Front which burns ski lodges, houses and other people’s SUVs, who like ELF, are trying to intimidate the rest of us to submit to their cause.

I for one don’t take well to being bludgeoned into someone else’s mold and don’t intend to be.

There are plenty of legal ways to protest to get your point across. Destroying property, public or private, whether on public land or not, isn’t one of them.

Whether you agree with our overseas ventures or not, desecrating a 9-11 memorial is not the appropriate act or time to air such grievances. A memorial honors the sacrifice of others for a specific purpose or event.

What Kurt Kizer and his friends do by setting up and maintaining the Peak 1 memorial is a selfless act honoring the sacrifices of others on 9-11.

How inappropriate to couple this remembrance with anything else. Those who want to turn it into a political statement to further their own ends do so as a selfish act of self-promotion.

If our terrorists, Doug Malkan and his coalition, or anyone else with a private agenda has any sense of propriety they will seek their own venues to air their political views.

Our Peak 1 terrorists said they support “our brothers and sisters” who died on 9-11. Really? I wonder how those “brothers and sisters” would feel about that?

Chris Denny


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