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Flitcraft: Hunger problem reminiscent of country’s fiscal situation

Tony Flitcraft,

Re. “Child hunger in Colo. growing, report says” by Kathryn Turner, Aug. 29

The article on the growing child hunger problem in Colorado is reminiscent of the country’s current fiscal situation. We all know kids cannot learn with empty stomachs, so schools are feeding eligible students breakfast as well as lunch. The number of students who receive reduced meals is increasing at an alarming rate. Might there be incentive to achieve eligibility?

Common sense tells us when cost decreases, demand increases, and vice versa. This phenomenon was demonstrated several years ago when the number of teenage pregnancies fell after the AFDC program which subsidized them discontinued.

This same phenomenon applies to subsidized debt, food, health, rent, transportation and any other government program which relieves people from having to fulfill their own personal responsibilities.

We need to re-evaluate our incentives, and consider that phenomenon along with our humongous national debt as we vote this fall.

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