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Flitcraft: I’d do housing survey for $100

Tony Flitcraft, Frisco

Seventy-two thousand dollars to figure out for planning purposes what Summit County’s demand for housing will be assuming an estimated job market? How many rentals versus for-sale housing must be made available? How about affordability estimates? Of course these estimates can be revised as the situation unfolds.

This is a problem with an infinite number of variables and zero constants. Under these conditions I’d do the job for $100, save the tax payers a ton of money and do a job at least as accurate. My report wouldn’t have full color graphs nor near as many pages. But what the hay, you get what you pay for. The saving might even help reduce the deficit.

Wouldn’t it benefit the economy more if seventy grand were to remain with the taxpayers to distribute as they wished to support and sustain the local economy? After all how much surveying did it take to develop and sustain the folks in Massachusetts nearly 500 years ago?

Tony Flitcraft, Frisco

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