Fool-proof beetle solution |

Fool-proof beetle solution

Justin Schlosberg

My father had an idea to stop the infestation of the pine beatle, and I told him I’d submit it to the Summit Daily so it would reach a larger audience. The only flaw I see in the plan is that it would take a huge commitment, but if our community cares enough about the environment and real estate prices, than it just might work.

We would meet the pine beetle precisely at the line of battle: where the healthy trees meet the infected. Everyone would stand guard at a healthy tree and when a pine beetle tried to get over to that tree, he would simply crush it with his shoe.

Of course we must take into account an average 40 hour work week, but that leaves something like 128 hours a week that a vigilant eye is being kept on the tree, and chances are the pine beetle won’t go over during that time.

Anyhow, your neighbor could be watching during the time you’re at work. I mean, how difficult a job could it be to watch two trees at the same time? We’d be kept warm by dead tree fire pits, socialization would be inevitable, and maybe even a great chance to meet people with similar interests, and beer would most likely be provided by a local brewery.

Think it over. It’s our home to love and protect.

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