For what it’s worth … |

For what it’s worth …

J.T. CoyotéSilverthorne

I have been watching the Lou Dobbs opinion polls on CNN for almost a year now. Whether it be a poll about our open border, the war on the middle class, or this horrible SPP and pending merger of Canada, the U.S., and Mexico into a North American Union, these polls always go heavily against the government. Yet, the government goes “forward” not missing a beat. They just move ahead, without a vote of congress or of the people, basically, in spite of us all.This whole thing I believe, hinges on its beginning – uncovering the truth about what set all of this chaos in motion. The truth about 9/11 “The American Riechstaag”. Until the majority of the people stand up and demand a true independent investigation of this pivotal event, this defining event that emotionally brought us all to our knees, we will remain in the fog. 9/11 left us open and vulnerable to accepting the media/government assessment of what happened that day without question, while we were still stunned and numb with shock and disbelief. We will continue in our downward spiral, until the truth about this human sacrifice has been uncovered and the true killers behind it all are unmasked.All of the 9/11 destruction, whether it was witting or unwitting to our leaders, has ushered in the bankrupting wars that the globalists in our government desired, and have spent hundreds of billions in oil dollars and our taxes. All against an enemy that has largely been created in the media, and finally solidified by direct attack of war, all sparked by 9/11. Much of the money spent is unaccounted for. Tens of billions of Dollars, literally – much was no doubt used to buy off dissenting voices, to purchase expert opinion, and for media. And if the truth be known, to help arm our “enemy” in the East. Top dollar was spent, so much that our men in the field were left without armor, and shoddily equipped after the first phase of the war. Finally the conditions were so bad the outcry was coming from the soldiers themselves. Only then did the administration go back to congress for more money, but with the sme kind of non-accountability.As a result, consumer prices have doubled in the last six years. And because “stuff” rolls down hill, We the People ultimately pick up the tab, one way or the other. Thus our money is now worth half what it was before the war.Right after the president was re-elected, our attention was successfully averted on the war in the Middle East, and focused on Terry Schiavo here at home. Behind the smoke screen, the administration hammered out the Waco Trilateral SPP agreement on March 23, 2005. With the stroke of Bush’s pen, he completed the takeover that began 20 years ago under Reagan with his Immigration Reform And Control Act of 1986.All designed and implemented by the CFR/PNAC globalists inside our own “elected” government. Designed to deliver us up, a dumbed down “third-worldized” United States, shoved into the North American Union. The land, the people, the heart and soul of America offered up as sacrifice via the Security and Prosperity Partnership, by our own “contracted” government.They have “run game” on us, and the average American is oblivious!

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