Forget mag chloride and sand; require snow tires |

Forget mag chloride and sand; require snow tires

Now, everyone seems to agree that magnesium chloride isn’t good and a salt-sand mixture has its own problems because of damage to streams and trees.

I also think we don’t need to go back to applying the large quantities of sand that we did before mag chloride. Maybe we need to consider County Commissioner Bill Wallace’s suggestion. What we need is snow tires.

I would support a law that would require winter tires in certain counties from November through April. There are citizens out there who will oppose being forced into putting winter tires on their cars. I can hear them now. “You can’t make me do that.” “I have a constitutional right to be stupid.”

These same citizens should be subject to a stiff fine, however, if their stupidity causes them to be involved in an accident. We also should be able to force rental car companies to properly equip their vehicles.

In fact, I’ve always considered mag chloride a form of corporate welfare for the rental car companies. I would wager a majority of winter accidents involve cars without proper tires and many of those are rental vehicles. Let’s face it. If you just flew in from the Sun Belt, your winter driving skills are probably weak anyway, and you would probably appreciate the extra margin of safety proper tires would give you. Are people ready to ask their legislators to introduce such a bill?


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