Former ODI owner Buddy Nicholson injured |

Former ODI owner Buddy Nicholson injured


Buddy Nicholson, longtime Summit County local and proprietor of the Old Dillon Inn, was the victim of a serious motorcycle accident Sept. 2. He was flown to St. Anthony Central in Denver where he remains in the intensive care unit under the constant care of both trauma team, and loving wife Trish Nicholson.

Trish would like to express her profound appreciation for all the love and support she and Buddy have been given during this very sad and difficult time.

The ICU will not accept flowers or visitors, but this will change as Buddy recovers.

For now, in lieu of flowers and phone calls, Trish is reaching out to all friends, aquaintences, and loyal patrons for healing thoughts and prayer.

Those who wish to send a card may do so to P.O. Box 427 Dillon, Colorado 80435

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