Forrest: Republicans’ actions speak louder than words |

Forrest: Republicans’ actions speak louder than words

Rich Forrest
Boynton Beach, Fla.

Re. “137 abortions per hour every hour,” by Jeanne Saeger, letters, Sept. 4 and “Adults can, and should, think for themselves,” by Kerry and Debbie Jo Wilke, letters, Sept. 9

I read the letters from Jeanne Saeger and Kerry Wilke regarding abortions in America, and how this issue may impact your vote in the upcoming presidential elections. There is another dimension to this discussion which is often overlooked.

The United States currently ranks 49th in the world in infant mortality, largely because many single or working-class mothers cannot afford adequate health care. I cannot reconcile this with the fact that Romney and the Republican party are campaigning to overturn President Obama’s health care plan, and refusing to accept the expansion of Medicaid benefits it offers to the states. Why does it seem that Republicans care intensely about the rights of the unborn, but don’t care enough to keep children healthy and alive after they are born? Don’t kill the fetus, but if the child dies from inadequate medical care so be it – is this really their position? The Republicans claim that all life is precious, but their actions speak louder than their words.