Fortune smiles on Summit |

Fortune smiles on Summit

Local Ashley Roach from Frisco is the winner of this year's Dredge Bottle Toss competition.

Summit County residents are rolling in good fortune this week. The “Guess the Score” contest at Mi Casa has already claimed its first $1000 winner. Participants try to guess the score of the Sunday-night football game each week, and Sean Brizendine completed the feat in Week 1. In addition, Ashley Roach from Frisco won the Dredge Bottle Toss competition.

The dogs at the Summit County Animal Shelter are also enjoying some good fortune, courtesy of Lowes. Employees Rocky, Chris and Phil helped get materials for the shelter to build a new “jungle gym” for dogs waiting for their permanent homes.

Still others have had the opportunity to travel the globe this summer and were kind enough to take the Summit Daily News with them. This week readers and the Daily have shown up in both Ireland and Rome, Italy.

— Susan Gilmore

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