Francis Cache Languille: Please make welcome thank you |

Francis Cache Languille: Please make welcome thank you

Francis Cache Languille

Hey what’s up with this stimulus stuff anyway? Everybody just loves a greeter person. You know that person at the door of your fancier stores like Wal-Mart. Like that happy-go-lucky fellow over at the Wal-Mart in Frisco. He’s from up north somewhere. “Hello good day please make welcome.” He just seems to sing it. What a tribute to his society. I just always feel like spending lots more money after that heart-warming greeting.

So hey I was in Fatty’s the other day when I had this good idea. The stimulus package. So why not put greeter people at the front door of the post office in Breckenridge? Think of how fun it would be to go to the post office then. I figure it’ll take about 10 people full-time to run the operation. One person on duty at all times while the other is on break. That means two folks five days a week so let’s see that’s right about 10 people – with vacation time, PTO, MTO, sick days and travel – not to mention paid holidays. Ten people at $100,000 per year plus benefits, well that’s just about a million or so. Now think about this: There are thousands of post offices here in the good old US of A. That is some serious change folks. It’s just my idea but I also think the geniuses that think this stuff up should get 10 percent right off the top. That’s pretty stimulating too. Then there’s the renovations. We’ll need space to station the greeters. These renovations would provide even more stimulus. Kind of like that double-edged sword we’ve all heard so much about.

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