Freedom for everybody? Not in the City of Mayfield |

Freedom for everybody? Not in the City of Mayfield

Years ago, I had to discipline my daughter because she had set her mind on grabbing the red-hot handle of our wood stove. Thankfully, she failed in her attempts because of dad’s intervention. My efforts at behavior modification eventually paid off and she stopped pursuing the glowing grip entirely. Most would say that I did only that which a loving parent should do. Note, however, that I both loved my daughter and hated her behavior at the same time and in equal measure. In fact, my loathing of her actions flowed directly from my great love for her and from a deep desire for her safety. Most people in most places would learn larger-life lessons from this little family episode – but not in the City of Mayfield. A close look at the map of Mayfield (Rich Mayfield column, SDN Aug. 28) reveals only two roads. Love Road heads due north and leads to Love Me; Love My Lifestyle.Hate Road goes south to Hate My Behavior; Hate Me.In Mayfield, love equals license so if you love someone, you let her do anything she sets her mind to do.Failure to endorse a particular lifestyle is nothing less than hatred of anyone living it. With only one road north and one south, no wonder the citizens of Mayfield are “frighteningly polarized.”Sadly, Mayfield’s map omits an alternate route: The Highway. Travelers on the Highway are free to love all and simultaneously reject dangerous behaviors, licentious lifestyles, philosophies and religions that threaten the physical and spiritual health of ones adopting them.Jesus coursed the Highway when he voluntarily died on the cross for the sake of those that nailed him there. In word and deed, Jesus provides the ultimate example of: love the sinner; hate the sin!Taking the high road is not easy, but doing so does have its benefits. At its higher elevation, warm sunshine melts polar(ized) ice in minds and hearts. The Highway’s traffic signals and warning signs mark the only path to De-objectifying the Opposition – a destination Mayor Mayfield still seeks to find. Unfortunately, promiscuous singles, adulterers, gay men, lesbian women, militant religionists and others will miss the Highway, misinterpret its warning signs, and accuse the sign painters of hate-speech. This accusation holds no more truth than if someone said I hate my daughter because I warned her about the hot stove. The opposite is true. Words and deeds offered for the good of others define genuine love. And by the way, if freedom does mean freedom for everybody, then it means that those on the Highway are free to post their signs and assist other travelers.

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