French: Weak argument on gun control |

French: Weak argument on gun control

John Crone’s letter to the editor concerning Sheriff Minor’s firearms position is a good example of the hidden side of everything. His points espouse some degree of ignorance concerning existing firearms laws, firearms statistic and constitutional foundation.

Mr. Crone twists the sheriff’s assertion that everyone should possess guns.

“Do you truly believe that everyone should be allowed to possess a gun?”

I have a hunch, as I suspect the vast majority of readers did, that the sheriff was inferring all law-abiding citizens should rightfully possess legal firearms if they so choose. Mr. Crone wastes far too much ink and editorial space twisting the message to support his weak position.

Suggesting that Sheriff Minor advocates firearm possession by criminals is precisely the type of liberal rhetoric that whips up the debate and leads to exactly the opposite outcome desired; law-abiding citizens rushing to gun shows to buy whatever they can in advance of possible firearms bans.

By simply introducing a debate on gun control, the effect has been a near-doubling of assault-like weapons on the streets of America. Basic economics tells us that the more you attempt to constrain access, the greater the demand. 3.7 million guns were manufactured in 2007; 6.1 million in 2011. Almost 9 million firearms will be manufactured in 2013.

Comparing the crime rate in the United States to relatively small countries without factoring in the freedoms we enjoy in America, is silly. Yet another distortion intended to demonstrate that we are a society of gun-slinging cowboys who should mimic cultures east and west of us. We’re not Europe and we’re not Asia. Perhaps Mr. Crone should evaluate the crime rate data in these countries for homicides unrelated to firearms.

Bill French, Dillon

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