Freshly cut flowers: The gift you can never stop giving |

Freshly cut flowers: The gift you can never stop giving

Jim Morgan

My wife, Becky, got flowers on Sunday. It was Mother’s Day, and the mother of my children deserved something to make her smile.

Actually, she gets fresh-cut flowers every week. There’s no special reason. It’s just that I’ve realized that if you give a woman flowers, good things will happen.

Guys, trust me on that.

A weekly bouquet of flowers is not the extravagance you think it is. It’s actually relatively inexpensive – just a few dollars. We’re not talking about a great big bouquet. We’re talking about enough fresh-cut flowers to fill a vase.

Besides it’s wrong to think about cost. It’s an investment.

Think about it. Every week she gets fresh flowers and every week she is reminded that perhaps, just perhaps, her husband is worth putting up with after all. And it’s pretty much a guarantee that on the day they’re delivered, you’ll get a hug and kiss when you arrive home for the evening.

Truth is, I probably enjoy the fresh-cut flowers in the vase on the dining room table as much as she does.

Believe it or not, I came up with the idea walking the edge of an Iowa cornfield a couple of years ago. What do guys talk about when they’re pheasant hunting? Well, in this instance, three other guys and I had spent part of the morning trying to come up with the ideal Christmas gift for the love of our lives – our hunting dogs and our wives.

A chew toy or maybe a big ol’ bone is about right for a dog. Wives tend to expect more.

As we trudged through briars and grass-covered fields, each of us offered suggestions of the perfect gift. We talked about trips to the beach. Trips to the mountains. Trips to great cities. We talked about fur coats. Great mounds of chocolate. Lavish dinners. Jewelry. Broadway shows. But one by one, I had mentally nixed each of those suggestions.

It’s not that I didn’t want to give those things to Becky, but I was looking for something unique, something different. I didn’t want a one-time-shot deal. I wanted something that would last all year long.

So, it’s now the middle of the afternoon and I’d still not thought of the right gift. Of course our urbane and cultured discourse had moved on to other things.

I think the subject of discussion at that moment was something along the line of why Sports Illustrated should publish two swimsuit editions a year – as I said, it was a guy trip.

But in the back of my mind, I was still working that list.

“What about … Nah.”

“How about … No.”

I’m not sure what inspired me, but I literally stopped in midstride and shouted, “I’ve got it.” I looked around. My hunting partners were looking at me as if I was perhaps a half-bubble off-level, a look they have directed at me more than once in the past.

“Is it curable?” asked Jimmy Tom.

“I’ve got the perfect gift for Becky,” I said. “Flowers. Fresh-cut flowers delivered to her every week for a year.”

Kenneth said it was a great idea, then after the pause of perhaps a millisecond, told his dog to hunt up a pheasant.

On a hunting trip, that’s as close to affirmation as I was likely to get.

There is a downside to this perfect gift. Once you start sending your wife flowers every week, you can never stop. Doing so, after all, would be tantamount to acknowledging that perhaps one is not worth putting up with.

So, guys I’m passing this along. Check with your local florist, and I’ll bet they’ll work something with you. You don’t need but one vase. You don’t need a card. All you need is a handful of flowers and smile when you get home in the evening.

Publisher Jim Morgan writes a Tuesday column. He can be reached at (970) 668-3998, ext. 240, or

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