Friend’s ‘help’ doesn’t prevent DUI |

Friend’s ‘help’ doesn’t prevent DUI

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It’s mud season and it shows on the police logs. In Breckenridge, the daily logs often reach two pages during peak season, but are now a half-page at the most. With the population change also comes a shift in calls. Less serious calls are popping up more often – offenses like dog-at-large, pedestrian contact and alarms. Nevertheless, there’s always some humor to be had in the DUI reports:BRECKENRIDGE – A Breckenridge police officer was summoned recently to assist another officer who had just ticketed someone for DUI.Seems the driver’s friend was rather perturbed that his pal was being arrested.He yelled that his friend had passed the drunk test and the police officers were just messing with him.The guy was too drunk to drive his buddy’s car home, so the officer told him he needed to either walk home or catch a cab so they could finish their investigation.To that he responded, “I don’t have to (expletive) leave.”He was asked four more times to cooperative and leave the area, which he refused to do, stating it was his constitutional right to do what he wanted and he did not need to follow the officer’s instructions.He was warned that if he didn’t cooperate he would be spending the night in jail.Again, he refused, calling the officer “an (expletive) moron.”He was taken to jail for disorderly conduct.How ’bout that alphabet?BRECKENRIDGE – During last week’s spring snowstorm, a sheriff’s deputy and two Breckenridge officers were called to investigate a car that had slid off an embankment.A man was found still sitting behind the wheel with the keys in the ignition.Officers asked him if he would take the drunk test, to which the driver obliged.The man said he’d had between three and four drinks about an hour ago at a pub in Frisco.As part of the test, the man was asked to recite the English alphabet. He said he understood the test and knew the English alphabet.He promptly start at A, then continued with E, D, C, X, W, then finished up with Z.That doesn’t exactly count as saying the alphabet from A to Z. He was taken to jail, where he blew a .181.That darn alphabet againBRECKENRIDGE – Police pulled over a man in Breckenridge for having a defective taillight. The officer smelled alcohol on the driver’s breath and noticed his eyes were bloodshot and his speech was slurred.During the drunk test, the man was unable to recite the alphabet. He had to start his ABCs over several times because he couldn’t remember what letter came next. In his first attempt, he couldn’t get past the letter C, the second time he couldn’t get past P, then said L, M, N, O, P twice and Q, R, S three times.He also failed the other two portions of the test. He was taken to jail and blew a .300.Boozing on bondBRECKENRIDGE – Suggestion: If your license has been taken because of a recent DUI arrest, it’s probably not wise get back behind the wheel within two months.A Breckenridge officer pulled over a woman after she neglected to use her turn signal as she made a right turn onto Main Street.When asked for her license, registration and insurance, she stated that she only had a temporary permit because she had been charged with a DUI two months before.Then, the officer smelled alcohol on her breath. The woman said she had drank a Bacardi and Sprite four hours earlier.The sheriff’s office verified the woman was still on bond conditions from her prior charge – that definitely means no drinking and driving.The woman passed the drunk test, but was arrested anyway for violating her bond conditions. She blew a .059 at the jail.

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