Frisco considering light pollution law |

Frisco considering light pollution law

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FRISCO ” What would a Rocky Mountain night be without a glittering spray of stars in the sky?

Frisco officials hope we’ll never find out, as they explore policies that would reduce light pollution from new development in the town.

“I think a lighting ordinance is just common sense,” said planning commissioner Nancy Stone.

The proposed changes, aimed at reducing glare and maintaining Frisco’s rural character, would apply only to new development and would not require existing structures to change their lighting fixtures.

Proposed changes include:

– No exterior light fixtures on commercial and multi-family properties may emit any significant light above a vertical cutoff angle of 90 degrees.

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– Exterior light fixtures on single-family and duplex residential properties shall consist of fully shielded, downward-cast, opaque lighting.

– For gas station canopies, the maximum level of illumination must not exceed 20 foot candles.

– Outdoor light fixtures shall be positioned so that there is no direct light spillage onto adjacent properties.

– The height of wall-mounted light fixtures shall not exceed eight feet above the highest floor plane of the wall to which it is mounted.

– Light fixture designs must reflect the small, mountain-town character of Frisco.

– Consideration of the overall appearance of the light fixture and pole, the placement of the light, surrounding landscaping for screening and design features intended to eliminate off-site light spillage will be used when determining whether the proposed lighting meets Frisco’s lighting regulations.

The Frisco Planning Commission will make a recommendation on the proposed rules on May 19, and the town council will take up the issue in June.

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