Frisco geologic history not set in stone |

Frisco geologic history not set in stone

When talking about the geologic age of the earth, one must explain that he/she is only interpreting the evidence, which is seen in the present, based on a belief system about the unobserved past. Real science is done in the present and is observable, testable and repeatable.

The article entitled “Frisco’s geologic past written in stone” presented an interpretation of the ages of rock layers in Frisco and Silverthorne based on a uniformitarian, evolutionary belief system. It is important that readers understand this and do not accept the statements given as fact.

The visual evidence can also be interpreted through a Biblical belief system.

The Bible says there was a global flood about 4,500 years ago.

If this is true, we’d expect to see exactly what we do see in regard to fossils and why the rock layers look the way they do. There is much scientific evidence to support this interpretation. One excellent book showing such evidence is “The Young Earth,” written by geological engineer Dr. John D. Morris. The point is that readers should always question what belief system a scientist is coming from in order to understand his/her interpretations.

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